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Resilience Planning – Preparing for an Emergency

No one can predict what’s around the corner, but when the unexpected happens – from a flood or fire to a terrorist incident – it pays to be prepared. The pages in this section provide information on the simple precautions you can take to prepare for a range of emergency situations, along with advice on how to cope if they happen.

This could include:

  • Power cuts, or disruption to fuel supplies, or other utilities such as water and drainage
  • Loss of telephone communications or impact to online services
  • Flooding, at home, or at your place of business

And could have a significant impact including:

  • Evacuation from your home or business, either by yourself or by the authorities, or being unable to get into your home or premises
  • Being confined to the indoors, at home, or somewhere else
  • Unplanned separation from family members

Whilst these sort of incidents are thankfully very rare it makes sense to be aware and prepared. With a few small steps you can prepare your family, your home and your business for unexpected things that can cause disruption to our daily lives.

You can find out more about preparing for and managing situations like these on these pages.

If you are trying to find out who contact in an emergency you can find contact numbers for the emergency services and other agencies here:

You Can find Further information about preparing for Emergencies in the pages below -



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