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Recycling in Tameside

A big thank you to our residents for recycling at home and in their businesses!

Our borough has been highlighted nationally for achieving some of the country’s most improved recycling rates.
Recycling rates for 2021/22  published by DEFRA show that Tameside households are leading the way with recycling rates rising to over 52%.
Which bin do I put my waste in?
Every tonne of general waste costs £300 of tax payer’s money to process, this can be avoided by recycling properly. It costs us far less to process recycling and it helps the environment too.

Visit our Refuse and Recycling page for help with:
  • Which bin items can go in for recycling
  • Finding your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.
  • Bulky Household Collections
  • Collection dates
  • Ordering new bins
  • Reporting problems
  • Trade waste collections for businesses

A really simple step you can take to help the environment is to reduce food waste and use your brown bin for any food waste you produce. Remember to take any food waste out of its packaging first! Visit Love Food Hate Waste / Food waste prevention for tips and recipes.

Are you In The Loop? Reduce, recycle and repurpose
Recycling, repurposing and reusing things to avoid them going into general waste is one of the easiest ways to make a positive impact on the environment.

Have you ever wondered where your waste goes? Does it actually get recycled? Yes it does!

The Recycle for Greater Manchester In the Loop campaign explains your part and how you can benefit by being part of the circular economy when you reduce food waste, recycle and repurpose things that would otherwise be waste. 

Find out more about how circular economy can benefit you and how to get in the loop at  
Food waste keep glass in the loop

Start home composting
There is little effort needed to compost but it makes a big positive impact on the environment.
Composting is better for our plants, pockets and planet! Kick off your composting journey using your kitchen and garden waste to make compost you can use to help feed your flowers, plants and vegetables.
Recycle for Greater Manchester (R4GM) can help you get a discounted Bokashi composting bin to start composting at home- even if you live in a flat you can compost in your kitchen or on your balcony. 
Visit  to find out more about composting and reducing food waste.
More information on recycling and which bin to put it in can be found at 

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