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Policy and Procedures

Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures

1. Introduction
2. Principles and Values
3. What is Abuse
4. Legal Framework
5. Carers
6. Advocacy
7. Criminal Offences and Safeguarding Adults
8. Information Sharing
9. Roles and Responsibilities
10. Raising a Concern
11. Concern Decision Making
12. Enquiries
13. PiPoT
14. Learning from Safeguarding
15. Good Practice Guide

 Additional Guidance for Staff

Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs)

Safeguarding Adult Review Guidance

Safeguarding Adult Review Referral Form 

*Safeguarding Adult Review Leaflet 

SAR Seven Minute Briefing 


Tiered Risk Assessment Model (TRAM)

Tiered Risk Assessment and Management (TRAM) Protocol

Team Around the Adult Practitioner 

Adults Complex and High-Risk Panel (CaRHP) Terms of Reference  

TRAM Escalation and Resolution Conversations Protocol

TRAM Practitioners Toolkit


Hoarding Guidance 

The Tameside Guide to Working with People Who Exhibit Hoarding Behaviours



*TASPB Self-neglect Strategy

*Self-neglect Guidance 


Out of Area Safeguarding Adult Arrangements

ADASS Safeguarding Adults Policy Framework



Multi-Agency Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 

*Violent Incident Guidance 

*Medication Error and Guidance

*Missed Calls Guidance

Safeguarding Adults Protocol: Pressure Ulcers and Raising a Safeguarding Concerns 

Greater Manchester Guide to Exploitation in the Care Sector

*Service Users Altercations

*Currently under review