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Shared Lives Carers

As a Shared Lives Carer, you will empower adults with a range of needs by sharing your daily life, helping them to live an ordinary and independent life in the local community. 

You may provide long-term, respite, or day support to those with physical or learning disabilities and mental health needs. 

We recruit, train, match, and support people to become Shared Lives Carers. No formal qualifications are expected, and we welcome people from different backgrounds, with different skills and life experience.

Supporting Independence

Many people involved in Shared Lives want to have access to activities in their community, breaks away from home or somewhere new to live. 

They might not be able to manage on their own and need support to engage in their community, activities or to keep in contact with their family or friends. Those who need support may want to become more independent and develop their skills and confidence. 

Statement of Purpose

This document describes in more detail what we do, how we do it and who we support. 

Statement of Purpose 

Statement of Purpose

Who can be a Shared Lives Carer 

To become a Shared Lives Carer, you must be over 18 years old and live in Tameside or be able to travel into Tameside. You must be flexible, sensitive, tolerant, and patient with a genuine interest in supporting people. 

An understanding and commitment to equality and diversity is also essential. From couples to large families, we accept applications from all cultural, religious, ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations. 

If you are couple, both partners need to complete the assessment and training as it is very important both people are fully involved and understand the principles, policies, procedures and practices of the scheme. 

If you have a spare bedroom, you could offer support for short breaks. You may be able to get emergency payment rates if able to accommodate adults who need emergency accommodation. You can also have an adult live with you on a permanent basis if your lifestyle can accommodate this. We are looking for carers who can provide a diverse range of stay times.

Please return completed forms to 

Application form 

Application form

The Application Process 

Once we receive your completed application our team will get in contact to arrange a visit to talk about your application and begin the assessment process.

We will talk with your significant family members who will be in contact with the person you are supporting. This includes children (excluding very young children) and those who are not within the household but will impact on your ability to support someone. 

Prospective Carers must take part in the assessment and approval process, which includes a Disclosure and Barring Service Check (DBS), this may include members of the household. References from two employers and a GP are also essential. 

If successful, your applications will be taken for approval to an independent panel of representatives from adult services and health services.

Once approved, you can gain access to a range of specialist training which is essential to your role. This training includes:

  • Completing the Care Certificate (relevant qualifications can be considered as evidence)
  • First Aid
  • Health and Safety
  • Food Safety and Infection Control 
  • Safeguarding Adults 
  • Medication
  • Equality and Diversity 
  • SCIP


Continuing Support 

We will keep in touch with you, providing ongoing support and visits to make sure everything is going well for you and the person you care for. We also have an out of hours team who can provide 24/7 support in an emergency.  

Other Carers will also be a very important source of support, you’ll get to meet them during your training and events. 



Some Shared Lives Carers chose to be full time and others part time. Carers are paid a set rate which is regularly assessed on the needs of the people we support. These are average rates which may differ depending on the person you are supporting. 


Type of Support

Average Rate



£489.13 a week



£54.95 per night

Day Support


£8.51 per hour*


*Shared Lives Carers providing long-term or interim support are entitled to 21 nights break (respite) per year. This is usually provided by another Carer within the scheme. Occasionally this is not possible and will be provided in another service. 

*Day support is typically commissioned in five-hour sessions, so Carers are paid £42.55 per five-hour session.


Costs and Tax

Tax and National Insurance 

You will not be an employee of Tameside Council but are seen as self-employed. This means you will be responsible for arranging your own tax and national insurance contributions. 


Those who use their own transport will receive a millage allowance if it is approved to be beneficial for the person you support.  Carers who are approved for a millage allowance during support receive a rate of 45p per mile. 

Contact Shared Lives

Tameside Shared Lives Scheme
 Copley Resource Centre
 Demesne Drive
 SK15 2QG

0161 342 5151 

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