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Bridge Structures and Retaining Walls

Image of a Bridge over the canal

There are 351 bridges in Tameside:

  • 16 British Rail Property Board (under/over closed Railway Lines)
  • 28 British Waterways (under/over Canals)
  • 106 Railtrack Bridges (under/over live railway lines)
  • 141 Tameside Bridges (supporting roads and footpaths)

The rest are either Motorway bridges boundary bridges, privately owned, jointly owned or ownership can be uncertain. Bridges are best identified by the name of the road they are located on and the obstruction (such as the River Tame) they cross.

In addition to the bridge stock the Council have identified 182 highway retaining walls. Ownership is usually unclear and each structure has to be checked individually. There are many retaining walls in the Borough that are not on the Council's records.

All bridges are being assessed to ensure that important structures are capable of carrying the heavier 40 tonne lorries that use the roads today. Inspection and maintenance of these structures is important for transport around the borough.

Bridges are inspected as part of an ongoing programme. It is our aim to carry out General Inspections of a bridge every 2 years. This consists of a visual inspection from ground level or the deck or any suitable vantage point, carried out in accordance with guidelines. This inspection can instigate minor remedial or maintenance works to the structure, funded from the Council's maintenance budget. It can also result in the need for a more detailed inspection - a Principal Inspection. This requires the close examination of all inspectable parts of the structure, using access scaffold, ladders or platforms.

The results of these inspections can result in major maintenance works or sometimes rebuilding of the structure. Priority for strengthening is given to structures on the major routes around the borough, together with consideration to safety issues and other matters.

If you are aware of damage to a bridge or retaining wall or wish to report a problem, please use the on-line system.

If you have an enquiry related to a railway bridge or railway retaining wall, then please contact Network Rail Link to External Website.

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