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Council Land and Property Holdings


Frequently Asked Questions

The Council's Land Terrier is a computerised system of large scale ordnance survey maps showing the boundaries of all land owned by the Council. Also held are details of all acquisitions and disposals together with leases, lettings, licences easements and rights of way except Market Lettings and individual Garage Site Lettings which are separately managed.

Can you tell me whether the land next to my house in Tameside is Council Owned?

Yes, provided the precise location of the land concerned can be accurately described (see below for information we need in order to help you).

What if I want to know who owns private property?

Please contact the Land Registry at Lytham St. Annes, on Link to External Website or Telephone Number 01772 836700 to obtain the relevant enquiry form. NB the Land Registry will be unable to assist you if it turns out that the land concerned is unregistered, in which case you may wish to make enquiries locally with neighbours. Alternatively, if the land is subject to development proposals the Head of Planning will be able to provide information on recent planning applications received. Further information regarding planning applications is available here.

What information do I need to give you before you can tell me whether the Council owns a particular property or area of land?

We need to know the boundaries of the land in question and if possible the full postal address. The boundaries are often difficult to describe precisely over the telephone without looking together at a detailed map (which can be arranged for personal visitors). We should be able to tell from a telephone enquiry whether the Council owns land nearby, but for a more precise answer, a plan showing the exact boundaries of the land can be submitted by fax or post (see contact details at the bottom of the page).

For land or property with a postal address or which can be described accurately without a detailed plan, enquiries may be sent using the contact details below, or submitted online via the Property/Land Enquiry Form - note: please include your email address if available.

Is there a charge for providing information about the Council's land and property holdings?

The Council will not charge for land and property information which can be provided quickly and easily over the telephone. However for more lengthy or complex enquiries or where it is necessary to provide this information in writing, then a charge may be made where appropriate under Freedom of Information Act regulations to take into account the costs of photocopying, printing and postage etc.

If you are informed that a charge is applicable then you will need to make arrangements for payment of the relevant fee prior to the information being given. The Council does however reserve the right not to supply such information where the cost to the Council of doing this would exceed the appropriate limits laid down under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and related Statutory Instruments.

How long will it take you to find out the information I have requested?

This will be dependent upon demand and also upon the need for any detailed plans or other clarification to be submitted to the Council. If the level of enquiries remains manageable, and provided all necessary details have been provided to us, then a telephone response to simple enquiries can normally be given within one working day.

In certain cases, depending on the complexity of land ownership in the area, reference to the Council's deeds may be required in which case even an apparently simple enquiry may take longer. Enquiries requiring a written response will be dealt with wherever possible within 20 working days.

Please note that certain information held about the Council’s land & property holdings and related transactions may be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and related legislation, in which case you will be advised accordingly.

The Council owes me chief rent - who can I speak to?

Please contact the Council's Land Terrier Section, using the contact details below, providing details of the chief rent due and the amount owing.

Is there any land or property for sale or to let by the Council?

View details of any premises currently available from the Council

Property/Land Enquiry Form

Property/Land Enquiry Form

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