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Hate Crime


What is a hate crime?

A crime or an incident that is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hatred based on someone’s:

  • race, colour or ethnic origin
  • nationality or national origin
  • religion, faith or belief
  • gender or gender identity
  • sexuality or sexual orientation
  • disability
  • lifestyle or dress

Hate incidents can take many forms including:

  • physical attacks
  • threat of attack
  • verbal abuse or insults – including bullying
An incident doesn’t have to include violence for you to report it.  Verbal abuse, threats or victimisation can be just as distressing and are taken just as seriously.

Report it now!

Tameside Hate Crime Awareness
Are you an organisation who works with people who may be at risk of, or have experience Hate Crime? You may have staff and volunteers who are affected by Hate Crime?
This session will cover the following:
  • What do YOU know about Hate Crime?
  • Difference between Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents.
  • The “Strands” of Hate Crime
  • A few statistics!
  • Social Media and Hate Crime.
  • The impact of Hate Crime.
  • How to make a report.
This session will be facilitated by Terry Finn from the Community Safety Team at TMBC. Whilst Greater Manchester has two Hate Crime awareness weeks, one in February and one in October, it is felt locally that Hate Crime should be a year round topic of conversation and we should look to build on the activities that come from these awareness weeks. Terry is keen for community, voluntary and faith groups to feel confident and aware on what Hate Crime is and how we can respond to Hate Crime as a community in Tameside. For more information, please contact Terry via

Read the Greater Manchester Hate Crime Plan

Hate Incident Third Party Reporting Centres

Tameside Small Grants Funding – Now open for applications

TMBC have secured funding to raise awareness, increase reporting and challenge Hate Crime within the borough.  We are pleased to be working alongside Action Together who will be happy to receive applications from organisations who are eligible upon application, for a sum up to £1,000 towards their project. Priority will be given to innovative projects which show an awareness of more than one strand of hate crime and projects which can show a tangible product at the end that can then be re-used e.g. hate crime awareness resources such as posters, film clips, music, artwork, presentation materials and research documents and findings etc.
Grant amount: There is up to £1,000 per project available

Useful Links

Report a Hate Crime to Greater Manchester Police
Report a Hate Crime On-line 

What is a Hate Crime?
we stand together

The We Stand Together charity promotes the three main aims of the campaign:
  1. To celebrate our differences
  2. To fight hatred and intolerance
  3. To build a safer and stronger country
We Stand Together – The Official Site of WeStandTogether, Registered Charity No. 1175945

Too Great for Hate
Let's End Hate Crime – We Stand Together:


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