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Highway Maintenance

Tameside MBC have a team of inspectors patrolling the borough daily monitoring all highways (including footways) to ensure any defects are recorded and repaired.
Several teams are around the borough daily carrying out emergency and programmed highway works, if you notice a pothole or any other defect, please report it here

Annually a program is compiled to identify which roads will be resurfaced these schemes are identified and prioritised by using condition data from many different sources-
  • Road Assessment Vehicles (RAVs) carry out high speed data acquisition and recording of road surface conditions
  • Highways Inspections, recording highway condition and number of defects.
  • Engineering and local knowledge of road condition and type of treatment required.
  • Type of road and proximity to Schools, Bus routes, Businesses, etc.

The detail recorded in the above assessments determine what type of treatment a road requires from minor patching works to full structural construction.
Minor Pothole repair works – the area is cleared of any debris and a temporary fix is carried out to remove any immediate risk

Patching Works – often undertaken where many potholes are ‘breaking out’ in an area, often after severe frosts, the area is scarified and new surface course is applied.

Micro Asphalt – a ‘surface treatment’ for roads, which is laid over the top of the existing surface to seal and protect it. It consists of a water-based mix of aggregate and bitumen which is spread over the existing surface by a special machine. It can take out minor dips and bumps; restore grip and texture and create a new, waterproof surface to prevent water ingress, this is very common practice as it prevents further deterioration of the surface.

Full Structural construction – The road surface is removed upto 100mm and a full new surface is laid.

Please click for further information regarding the Roads and Maintenance Service Charter, documents and proposed roads resurfacing works.