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Electoral Register


The Electoral Register lists the names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote in public Elections and Referendums. The register is used for Electoral purposes, such as, making sure only eligible people can vote.

View the Electoral Register

The Electoral Register for Tameside is held in the Ashton Tameside One Library. For more information about Tameside libraries, please see our libraries page.

Members of the public are entitled to inspect the register of electors to check the accuracy of the register and primarily their entry in the register. Any information viewed cannot be used for any other purpose. Details from the full register must not be used for any commercial reason, and you cannot photograph or make copies.  The register of electors is not structured in a format to find a person by name. We will usually offer inspection of the register for up to ten minutes at a time, please ask at the front desk who will be able to assist.

Additionally, the law says you may view the register only under staff supervision, therefore, during our busiest times you may need to wait a short while until a member of resource staff is available to supervise the register inspection.

Open Register

The Open Register is an extract of the Electoral Register. The Open Register is not used for Elections or Referendums. It can be purchased by any person, company or organisation. It is used by business and credit reference agencies to confirm your name and address details.
Your name and address will be included in the open register unless you ask for them to be removed. Removing your details from the Open Register does not affect your right to vote.

Purchase the Open Electoral Register

If you wish to purchase a copy of the Open Register, you can request to order a copy online or by email at  Alternately, you can pay by cash or by cheque, please email for more information. When ordering a copy of the Open Register, please state which ward(s) or constituencies you require so that an appropriate quote can be generated. Please note, the Open Register is NOT the Full Register.

Amending Details on the Register

If you would like to amend your name on the electoral register please email us on with a good quality photograph or copy of your change of name evidence. This will only amend your name on the electoral register.
If you have changed address, please register at your new address on the website. Please insert your previous address when prompted to ensure your details are transferred over.

Registration Dates

By law, we publish the Register on the first working day of each month. If you have recently applied to register to vote and would like to know when you will appear on the Electoral Register, please refer to the table below. 

For credit reference enquiries, please check the date you have registered before contacting the team as these dates are set. The register is not updated in October and November due to Annual Canvass taking place. Anyone who applies to register to vote after the 9 August will not be registered to vote until 1 December 2024.

Last date to submit your application

Date you will appear on the register

11 December 2023

2 January 2024

10 January 2024

1 February 2024

8 February 2024

1 March 2024

11 March 2024

2 April 2024

16 April 2024

24 April 2024

10 May 2024

3 June 2024

7 June 2024

1 July 2024

10 July 2024

1 August 2024

9 August 2024

2 September 2024

11 December 2023

2 January 2024

Referendum Verification

Referendum Verification 

Referendum Verification

Click here to view the Local Authority Referendums, Petitions & Directions Regulations.



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