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We know many people have dogs and we support responsible dog owners.  A small minority of dog owners don’t pick up after their dog or don’t have control of their dog.  Whilst the Council does not have the resources to introduce a Public Space Protection Order relating to dogs off lead and dog fouling if there is an issue with a particular individual then please provide a description of the owner and the dog and provide times and days that they are walking their dog; we can then work with our Community Safety Team to carry out some surveillance.  If you think a dog is dangerous because it has attacked you or another dog you should report this to the police as they may be able to take action.  You can report incidents online via
You should follow the Countryside Code when in countryside and other open spaces which states that dogs should always be in sight and under control and that all dog mess should be bagged and binned.
There is great information on being a responsible dog owner on the Dog’s Trust website:

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