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Suggestions, Feedback and Compliments

We always welcome feedback and we will ensure that this is appropriately considered, recorded and is reported upon. Feedback we receive is a valuable source of information and it enables us to:


  • Understand where Council services are working appropriately and if there are examples of good practice or customer service;
  • Helps us to tailor and shape services appropriately based upon customer needs;
  • Identify faults and where things have gone wrong, and to try to reach a suitable resolution;
  • Learn from any mistakes that occur;
  • Recognise how services can be improved.


Suggestions and Feedback

When you do not necessarily want to make a formal complaint, but have feedback that you want to provide about your experience of a Council service, or you have identified a possible improvement that the Council could make to a service it delivers, you are very welcome to submit your feedback as a suggestion.

Any suggestions that are received will be logged, considered and any outcomes will be monitored.

Make a Suggestion using the link here



If you have experienced good customer service or witnessed positive practice from a council service, you can bring this to our attention by making a compliment. Taking the time to provide feedback is appreciated and it is important in the implementation of ongoing service improvements. Where examples of good working practice or excellent customer service are highlighted to us, we will look at how to incorporate this across the council. We will pass all comments, compliments and feedback to the people concerned.

Make an online Compliment here


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