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Benefit Fraud


Benefit Fraud investigations are now undertaken by the Department for Work and Pensions under the umbrella of the Single Fraud Investigation Service. However, the Council remain committed to supporting the Department for Work and Pensions and helping them tackle Benefit Fraud.

Typical examples of benefit fraud are:

  • People who work but do not declare this when they claim benefit.
  • People who claim as a single person but actually live with a partner.
  • People who claim from an address but do not live there.
  • People who do not tell us the full amount of income, savings or capital when thy claim benefit.

To report suspected Benefit Fraud, you can ring the Benefit Fraud Hotline service on 0800 854 440 which is a free phone number and all calls are treated in absolute confidence. A trained member of staff will take any information you can provide regarding people committing benefit fraud.

Report Benefit Fraud

Report Benefit Fraud

Click here for more information and report any suspected benefit fraud.