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Tameside awarded funding to help tackle anti-social behaviour as part of Violence Reduction Unit’s investment in communities

Press Release: 19/02/2024

FOUR organisations have been awarded funding in Tameside to increase community aspirations and provide a safe space for young people and families who are at risk of being impacted by anti-social behaviour (ASB). 

The funding has been granted by the Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit (VRU), as part of the ongoing investment in community-led programmes, as outlined in Greater Manchester’s Greater than Violence Strategy.

The VRU have selected the St Peter’s and Holy Trinity areas of Tameside for the funding on this occasion as they are piloting the approach in small geographical locations within Greater Manchester.

The pilot areas for the community led-projects were chosen based on research from Manchester Metropolitan’s Big Data Centre, input from Tameside Community Safety Partnership and community members. The VRU works closely with communities to understand the strengths, challenges, and needs of the community, and determines how local investments will be made.

The priorities of the programme in Tameside are to provide mentoring programmes with positive role models for young people and families at risk or vulnerable to serious youth violence and criminal exploitation.

They will also offer youth work activities that cater for different communities, as well as programmes that support and empower young females to raise their aspirations through positive engagement.

Finally, they aim to deliver projects that engage and support both young people and their parents/carers/families, holistically, connecting with additional support where necessary.

Four voluntary, community, and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations - Active Tameside, LEAP, Lindley Educational Trust (LET) and Primary Active Communities (PAC) - will receive a grant totalling £100,000.

They will work together to form St Peter’s Youth Alliance, building upon their existing ties with the local community and following a ‘joined-up’ approach to tackling ASB by diverting those who may be at risk towards safer, more productive alternatives, and create a sense of pride and respect in the community.

Councillor Vimal Choksi, Tameside Council Executive Member for Towns and Communities, said: “By funding these initiatives we are creating a safe space for young people, which is important in supporting them to succeed in life.

“As a result, we are protecting them from the risks of anti-social behaviour and instead we are highlighting positive engagement and support available to them in their communities.

Greater Manchester’s VRU has worked with 10GM – a joint venture of VCSE sector infrastructure organisations in Greater Manchester – to drive forward this programme of work.

For further information about the VRU click here.

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