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OUTLOUD play tours Tameside schools for Hate Crime Awareness Week

Press Release: 07/02/2024

OutloudA play based on real life experiences of young people in Tameside will tour local schools for Hate Crime Awareness Week from the 5 February, to change attitudes and raise awareness of homophobia, bullying and discrimination.

The production, called ‘Outloud’, seeks to open discussions and change attitudes while empowering young LGBTQ+ individuals by celebrating diversity and introducing role models, as February is LGBTQ+ History Month.

Tameside Council’s Community Safety Partnership have funded Hive North to deliver the play to schools in the borough.

Pupils will experience a 30-minute play, written by Adam Zane, followed by a interactive workshop led by the actors, which uses clips from television and news reports to provoke discussions on a number of areas such as: homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, discrimination, the use of the word ‘gay’, cyberbullying, hate crime and how to report it, and LGBTQ+ role models.

The activities are designed to help increase knowledge about the nature and impact of hate crimes, improve understanding of the importance of inclusive language and respectful behaviour, and help young people identify and challenge discriminatory attitudes and behaviours.

OutloudBeforehand, Hive North visited the Outloud LGBTQ+ Youth Group, and valuable discussions took place that shed light on the realities faced by LGBTQ+ youth in Tameside.

The young participants shared their personal encounters with discrimination and highlighted a widespread issue with unreported transphobia, intensified by social media exposure.

They expressed the need for greater understanding of diverse sexualities and identities within their schools and communities.

The groups also provided feedback on the project and resources. All feedback contributed to a more informed understanding of the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth today.

Councillor Vimal Choksi, Tameside Council Executive Member for Towns and Communities, said: “It is wonderful to witness such an amazing project visit schools in our borough. The education on offer to the young people will inform them on how to stay safe in their communities, as well as, how to identify an unsafe situation.

“By showing this to pupils in schools and educating them on the matter will show young people that there is a safe space for open discussion.”

For more information for support in Tameside, click here.

If you would like more information about hate crime, click here. To report a hate crime, visit Greater Manchester Police's website.

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