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Tameside design and engineering business thinks green

Press Release: 19/06/2024

Adi Life Sciences, Ashton-under-LyneA Tameside design and engineering business is thinking green and prioritising sustainable and environmentally friendly processes to reduce their contribution to climate change.

Adi Life Sciences, Ashton-under-Lyne, is a specialist in the pharmaceutical industry, offering full project management services.

Supporting Tameside Council’s Think Green campaign, they have shared how finding sustainable ways to work has always been high on their agenda.

Graham Edge, Design Director at Adi Life Sciences, explained: “For us, being a green business was a priority, as it holds us responsible for how we treat the environment, allowing us to be innovative and constantly evolving.

“It also sets us aside from other businesses who have not yet started to think green and it strengthens relationships between employees and clients, encouraging a positive work environment.”

Adi Life Sciences’ green workplace practices include recycling ink cartridges and coffee pods, and sending shredded paper to pet shops. They also encourage a ‘think before you print’ mindset, a cycle to work scheme and an electric car scheme.

They make sure all electrical outlets are switched off at the socket at the end of day and during the day they encourage ‘bru rounds’ to reduce the usage of coffee machines and kettles.

Adi Life Sciences offer designs to clients that minimise CO2 emissions whilst suggesting to clients to use local manufacturers and materials made using a renewable source of energy to lower their carbon footprint.

Alexandria Gorton, Architectural Technologist and Sustainability Champion at Adi Life Sciences said: “If there are alternatives available, which are manufactured using renewable resources, recycled materials, have the same usability as finite resources but improve carbon efficiency and environmental impact, then we will always consider adopting those changes into the specification of our design.”

Adi Life Sciences have sustainability champions, who look at all of their projects to adapt designs to make them more environmentally friendly.

When asked how Adi Life Sciences were going to continue transforming into a green business, Graham said: “By, attending seminars, keeping up to date with new and upcoming research, studies and articles.

“We continue to be inspired through collaborating with other local companies. By attending events such as, the ‘Tameside Means Business Net Zero Festival’, ‘Sustainability in Construction’ event and setting ourselves goals and targets to keep moving forward.”

Tameside Council Executive Member for Climate Emergency & Environmental Services Cllr Denise Ward said: “It’s inspiring to see Tameside businesses prioritising being green and environmentally friendly in their everyday operations – they show how easy it can be.

“We would encourage everyone to get on board and make the small changes where you can, as every little thing makes a difference! Thank you to Adi Life Sciences for sharing your green journey with us.”

For more information on how to Think Green visit

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