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Developer partner to be sought for Stalybridge regeneration

Press Release: 26/04/2024

Stalybridge regenerationWith the regeneration of Stalybridge underway, Tameside Council will now be seeking a developer partner to help move forward plans for Stalybridge focusing on West side of the town. 

After carrying out feasibility studies, the Council is now looking to unlock surplus brownfield land for future residential and commercial development. It is also seeking a development partner to bring in private investment for the Council owned sites in Stalybridge West. This will be supported by a separate procurement exercise to appoint a team to commence work on the surveys and designs needed to help make the required infrastructure improvements.

The work is being undertaken using the £19.9 million Government Funding awarded for Stalybridge consisting of a three-year programme of delivery which also includes improvements to the public realm and access to transport routes within the town centre. 

Events, community engagement and cultural activities are also high on the agenda as the popularity of events like Stalybridge Street Fest has shown that events are welcomed and needed to encourage more visitors to the town centre. 

A Tameside Spokesperson said: “Work is already underway on the regeneration of our historic assets as ongoing works on the Civic Hall progress. For Stalybridge West we know that its crucial we unlock sites to create more homes and much needed private investment and funding to help us make this happen.”

To find out or about the work underway and

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