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Candy’s Cupcakes Thinks Green

Press Release: 11/04/2024

Candice BannisterA Tameside resident, who runs a cupcake business in the borough has actively made the changes to Think Green and be more environmentally friendly.

Candice Bannister, 41, from Dukinfield has transformed her cupcake business, Candy’s Cupcakes, into a green business.

But she’s not stopping there, as Candice is constantly researching for new ways to make sure she is playing her part in taking care of the planet.

Candice explained how from a young age she has been conscious of recycling. So, when she first started Candy’s Cupcakes in 2011 she made it her goal to successfully ship her cupcakes nationwide, using recyclable and sustainable packaging.

Candice said: “Our cupcake boxes and internal packaging are recyclable card and paper, any stickers or packaging tape is paper-based and our packaging bubbles are made using recyclable plastic only.

“We ensure that on a day-to-day basis we make everything to order to reduce any waste, and anything made in excess is sold on Too Good To Go or turned into another product.”

Additionally, Candice consistently tries to work with local businesses where possible for supplies, as this contributes to the local economy and reduces transportation and carbon missions.

For instance, Candice purchases their cake jars from a local business, which are also fully recyclable, as well as, ships orders nationwide with couriers who have access to electric vehicles.

Candice expressed: “Green options aren’t always the cheapest option in the business industry so we have to consider this when pricing our products.

“By us making the move to greener choices now this will ensure that our business is forward-thinking and will not struggle in the longer term.”

Candice has found additional ways to be more environmentally friendly such as, reducing their paper waste, buying second-hand machinery via auction sites and encouraging staff to choose greener ways to commute to and from work.

Candice said: “Every small change made will amount to bigger changes in the future.”

A Tameside Council spokesperson said: “The active changes that Candice has made within Candy’s Cupcakes is incredible and we would like to thank her for sharing her inspirational journey to a greener position in the business industry. Keep up the good work!

“By encouraging everyone to Think Green and make even the smallest of changes where possible will collectively contribute to the greater good of our environment.”

For more information on how to Think Green visit

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